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Anirban is a Bangladeshi Art & Literature based site that provides online services to the Bangladeshi and related community and brings some Bangladeshi authors and artists to the web. Features art and literature, chat, and matchmaking boards, bangla greeting cards, live music broadcast and much more.

BanglaBangla Project
Banglatown to Bangladesh (BanglaBangla) is an ongoing project to develop a web site made by young Bangladeshis for young Bangladeshis. Based on using the Internet in the widest possible sense, the project aims to provide a voice for young people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to discuss the issues they care about. The views debated come both from a U.K. and a Bangladeshi perspective and allow young people from either country to form links and share ideas with each other. These ideas will be used by the young people to produce solutions to the challenges they themselves have discovered and identified as important, resulting in actions they will and can take.

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