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    Eid Mubarak!


» We would like to wish all our visitors a happy and prosperous Eid. May this day bring you happiness and serenity into all our lives. BanglaSoftware Group

    BanglaWord 1.9.4 update coming soon.


» We recently emailed everybody regarding BanglaWord 1.9.4 update. Unfortunately we had to add some last min changes, which has delayed the release of this update. We hope to post it on the website very soon and hope it will address a number of issues that you have been asking us to resolve. We would also like to mention that our stall at the Mela on the 11th of May was a success even though our generator hire company let us down which meant we were unable to use the digital projector for demos and the rain pouring down towards the end. A lot of people can down to the stall and told us how much they appreciated the software. It was a nice day and we hope to be there next year again. Thank.

    Over 10 thousand users!


» We are delighted to say that there are now over 10,000 people using BanglaWord. We did not anticipate anything like this and we are very glad that it is proving to be so popular. We hope that you continue to reap great benefit from the program and thank you for your support. Things have been a bit quiet lately but we hope to be introducing updates shortly. Watch this space.

    First official copy of BanglaWord available.


» For all of you out there that have been checking our website and keeping in touch with us via email from the early days of this project we would like to say that we have appreciated all your support. The official release has been uploaded to the site. It has been a very interesting and exciting time for us all at BanglaSoftware Group. We hope you all enjoy BanglaWord as much as we enjoyed developing it. Thank you.

    Launch date set - 7th August.


» We are delighted to announce the official launch date for BanglaWord which will be on the 7th of August in London.

    Version update - BanglaWord 1.6.3


» Most changes are not visible to the users plus over 200 fonts now supported. Note you should now be ablet to print a copy of the keyboard from within the program.

    BanglaWord Beta 1.5.3 released!


» We have made a lot of small changes in the background and you may not notice that much of a difference but the typing system needed a great number of jukto combinations added. Hope you all enjoy this update. Let us know what you think.

    BanglaWord Updated! Version Beta 1.5.1


» Please download the full version if you do not have any older copies of the program. Otherwise download the small update patch which can be found at:
In this update you will find some major changes including support for over 100 Lipi and Barnali fonts as well as more features on the toolbars plus updated help.

    Over 100 fonts already supported by BanglaWord


» BanglaWord already has the capabilities to support any Bangla font out there and we are working on enabling all those fonts that we already have support for. We have seen that there are around 100 fonts that can be supported already. We will soon release a list of these fonts and where you can get them or links to other peoples sites where you can download them.

    Updated versions uploaded!


» Those of you who have alrady downloaded the software once can download an update patch which is available at: - this update is not being linked to in the downloads page as we are getting a huge number of people downloading the program for the first time and do not want to confuse things for them. Those of you who have version 1.4.7 do not need to download this as it will update all previous version to 1.4.7.

    Website changes uploaded


» We just managed to upload more changes to the website. We hope this will improve our visitors experience of our site and we hope to keep it updated all the time and strive to constantly improve it.

    Updates coming soon.


» We would like to inform you that we have received many suggestions and small bugs which we are fixinging and will post updates of BanglaWord soon.

    Public release of beta version for all visitors!


» We have given pre registered users the opportunity to download the software ahead of release to all visitors. Now you can fill out the form on the downloads page and get direct access to the application download link. We hope you enjoy our program!

    Pre registered users get access to downloads!


» Hi, this is to inform you guys that all those who pre registered for BanglaWord will now receive a download link for our software.

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