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Just some of the many many comments you have sent us!

Thank you very very much for the free BanglaWord.
It is the large gift to everyone, who loves Bengali language.

I am a student from University of Sunderland in England. I am originaly
from Bangladesh and i have downloaded the Bangla Software from your
website. I am so greatfull for it. It has helped me to keep up with my
bengla language (Reading and Writing), It is so easy and flexiable to
use. I have no doubt that you are receiving many complements for the
Software so here is another one to add to that many - "Thank you very
much". :-)

This program is just great. Wish I could use something like that in
here to write in Benagli to express my feeling in far better way.

This seems to be interesting. Thank you and Congratulations! for
this great effort. I will look forward for these lovely things in future.

Thank you very much for the bangla font. Which i install today and find very
usefull. I did not go through too much but it is very nice. Please give my
thanks to everyone to your company who give their efforts to make this

Thanks for invent a nice and very important Bangla word processor
software. Also thanks a lot to give us opportunity to download it as

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